What This Caller Told James About Her Anti-IRA Childhood Is Chilling

James Listens To A Caller's Shocking Confession

In a conversation about whether the UK is more terrorised than ever, one caller told James O'Brien about her shocking anti-IRA upbringing.

Susan from Newcastle was brought up by an Orangeman and told James she remains terrified of the IRA.

She confessed that her father, a former marine, taught her and her brother how to kill IRA members on Sunday afternoons.

Susan said: "He spent hours with me and my brother teaching us how to murder IRA members if we came across one.

"We were little children, eight and 12, and the IRA terrified me. It still terrifies me so much now that I am ringing in anonymously and there's certain things I can't tell you because I am so frightened of retribution, even though it doesn't really exist anymore." 

She added that her father had family members murdered by the IRA and that he wouldn't let them go to Ireland until later in life.