James O'Brien takes on caller who blames Black Lives Matter for coronavirus spread

30 July 2020, 11:50 | Updated: 30 July 2020, 12:58

By Adrian Sherling

This caller told James O'Brien to stop blaming people for the coronavirus crisis - and then said it was the fault of Black Lives Matter protesters.

James believes the government is going to try to push the blame for the 50,000 deaths due to Covid-19 to someone else, be it the public, foreigners or NHS workers.

George messaged, tongue-in-cheek, saying he thinks they will try to blame Black Lives Matter for the pandemic.

Then Bob called in from Lewisham. Bob said: "Look to the future, stop the blame game.

"It's the media and presenters are giving this country such a bad name. We done our best. The older population are trying our best and keeping in.

"And when you get people like Black Lives Matter and people going to barbecues, they're going to spread it around."

James O'Brien took on a caller who blamed Black Lives Matter for coronavirus
James O'Brien took on a caller who blamed Black Lives Matter for coronavirus. Picture: LBC / PA

James told him: "Oh my God, George has won. He was joking when he said they were going to blame it on Black Lives Matter, Bob."

Bob insisted: "They're not doing self-distancing. When you looked at the Black Lives Matter protest, they weren't self-distancing."

So James responded: "You said you didn't want a blame game. And then you went straight after black people."

The row didn't end well for Bob. Hear it at the top of the page.'