James O'Brien's Caller Doesn't Like Extinction Rebellion Because Of Their "Weird Vibe"

15 October 2019, 13:59

This caller told James O'Brien that she was pleased Extinction Rebellion's Trafalgar Square camp was closed down because it had a "weird vibe" and they were "making a mess".

Lorin said she was in the Square last night, shortly after the police made the order to clear the area.

After she said she found the protest uncomfortable, James asked her: "How is sitting cross-legged in Trafalgar Square for a fortnight singing Kumbaya affecting you?"

She said it doesn't affect her, but affects London because it's negative.

Lorin then went on to say it "had a really weird vibe".

But James told her: "It's a slightly low threshold for police involvement, isn't it? Thinking that it had a really weird vibe, so we'll send in the police."

James didn't disagree with the caller about Extinction Rebellion
James didn't disagree with the caller about Extinction Rebellion. Picture: PA / LBC

When the called insisted it was a waste of police resources, James asked: "Well why not leave them there then, peacefully protesting?"

She said they needed clearing out because they "might make a mess", something that James refuted even more quickly.

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