Caller Forced To Perform U-Turn After Claiming Boris Didn't Send Brexit Extension Letter

25 October 2019, 15:06

This is the agonising moment James O'Brien's caller was forced to admit he was completely wrong when he tried to insist Boris Johnson did not send the Brexit extension letter.

The Prime Minister had previously said he would "rather die in a ditch" than request an extension to the 31st October deadline.

But the Benn Act forced him to send a letter once he failed to get an agreement for his deal - a letter he refused to sign.

James O'Brien was asking if Mr Johnson had kept any pledges during his time at 10 Downing Street and Dave called in.

James O'Brien's caller had to make a sharp u-turn
James O'Brien's caller had to make a sharp u-turn. Picture: PA / LBC

He insisted that Mr Johnson promised he wouldn't send an extension letter - and he didn't, claiming it came from Parliament instead.

But he was forced into an embarrassing U-turn when James read him what the letter said.

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