Caller hangs up after failing to answer any of James O'Brien's questions

16 June 2020, 11:28 | Updated: 16 June 2020, 12:58

This is the agonising moment a caller hung up on James O'Brien after he couldn't answer even the simplest question.

James was discussing Marcus Rashford's campaign to reduce child hunger and asking why people wouldn't think that was a good idea.

That's when Pete called in, insisting that the way James frames the question means that no one who calls in can ever disagree with him.

And yet, when James asked him to say what he thinks and disagree with him - Pete couldn't.

James O'Brien's call was labelled a "classic"
James O'Brien's call was labelled a "classic". Picture: LBC

It ended with Pete saying James had an agenda and James shouting "what is my agenda then?" while Pete tried not to answer before eventually hanging up.

Afterwards, James summed up the call: "Oh Pete. I was really looking forward to finding out what my agenda is.

"There's Pete, who doesn't think that hungry school children should just be fed first and then fix some of the systemic problems behind their hunger second."

Listeners loved the call.

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