Caller reveals he'd rather pay the fine than quarantine after going to France

7 August 2020, 12:08

By Adrian Sherling

This caller told James O'Brien he is travelling to France - and when he comes back, he will not be quarantining whatever the rules say.

It was warned that France could follow Spain, Belgium and the Bahamas from which travellers will have to quarantine for two weeks when they return to the UK.

Ian called in from Durham to say he is going to drive to his house in France. And when he returns, he will not be quarantining for a moral reason.

Speaking to James O'Brien, he said: "I'll be travelling to France at the end of the month and when I return, I will not be quarantining.

"I will go to my house. I will stay in my house. I might go to the supermarket once. I will go to a petrol station to fill up and then come home.

"I will have far less contact with people in France than I would back here.

"If I come back and don't quarantine and am caught out and have to face some legal consequences, then I'll have to take the punishment."

James O'Brien's caller said he would not be quarantining
James O'Brien's caller said he would not be quarantining. Picture: LBC / PA

James pointed out: "I heard someone earlier saying that one of the potential problems with fines is that people would see it as the price they have to pay to do what they want to do.

"And that is essentially what you just said."

It's a fascinating decision - and one that really split the listeners. Watch it at the top of the page.