James O'Brien schools caller who says climate change isn't man-made

2 January 2020, 12:44

When this caller told James O'Brien that he didn't believe climate change was man-made, James O'Brien asked him for proof. Surely he could give one piece of evidence to back himself up.

With wildfires in Australia getting worse and the most intense rain in Indonesia for 26 years, climate change is very much on the agenda for 2020.

James O'Brien suggested that we should act as if climate change is definitely man-made - and if it isn't, then what have we lost?

That was when Mike called in from Hemel Hempstead, insisting that climate change is happening, but that it is a natural occurrence. When James told him scientists say that it is man-made, Mike said: "Well I beg to differ on that."

So James asked him what other areas he chooses to disagree with science: "What about when you're ill and you go to the doctors?"

Mike said his views were based upon previously being able to skate on the Thames and that we used to be able to grow grapes in the UK.

What followed was a classic James O'Brien call as he continued to ask Mike what his evidence is for his views.

Mike said: "You'll have one lot of scientists saying it is and then one lot of scientists saying it isn't."

James O'Brien had tough questions for this caller on climate change
James O'Brien had tough questions for this caller on climate change. Picture: PA / LBC

So James asked for one scientist who doesn't think climate change is man-made. That left Mike gasping for words.

After the call, James summed it up: "Mike is there, convinced, but utterly unable to name any source. Why? What is it

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