Caller slams Jeremy Corbyn's response to election defeat

17 December 2019, 15:45

A caller has slammed the Labour leader's response to his election defeat and thinks the party needs a radically different approach.

Ed in Windsor told LBC's James O'Brien that the new Labour leader needs to move the party away from Jeremy Corbyn's principled stances so it can become electable.

"Without being electable, being in a position where you actually can reach power, you are unable to help the people that you're claiming to fight for.

"It's not necessarily about just being principled, but it's also about being pragmatic, because it's great to have these ideologies and these great ideas, but if you're never going to be elected then you'll never be able to enact them."

James agreed with the caller and speculated on who will be elected the party's new leader, saying that if "popularity without power really is the holy grail for these people, then it's a no brainer. You'll get the nod."

Jeremy Corbyn returned to parliament today after his party's election defeat
Jeremy Corbyn returned to parliament today after his party's election defeat. Picture: PA Images

It follows reports that Mr Corbyn appeared less disappointed than expected as the results came in on election night.

"There is a suspicion in my mind, and it may be unfair, that he's much, much happier opposing than actually proposing," James said.

"Maybe that's healthy, maybe it's a good thing, but it's not exactly a path to power and if you ain't got power, you can't do nowt."

Mr Corbyn intends to stand down in March 2020 and members will select a new leader -