'Daddy keep away from me': Caller tells of daughter 'driven' by Covid conspiracies

3 September 2021, 13:59

By Tim Dodd

This caller tells James O'Brien his family members are "completely driven" by Covid conspiracies, which has led to his daughter telling him to "keep away" because of the virus she believes he "sheds" after vaccination.

James in Barnes said: "From my own experience of my ex-wife who I'm very close to and my daughter who I see all the time, both of them are completely driven by the social media misinformation conspiracy theories that they get.

"My daughter is a ridiculous example. When I had both vaccines and she came to dinner, she's 32, she said 'Daddy keep away because you're shedding.'

"It is very upsetting."

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James O'Brien asked: "Shedding? This means you're sending off vibes are you, from your vaccine?"

"Exactly, that they can pick up and they can get," James replied.

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"The sad thing is they misappropriate the information they get, which is all through social media, and they don't understand the algorithms that all the social media companies use.

"It's like if you're interested in potato picking eventually you'll be sent everything that's to do with potato picking.

"They think this is a commonly held belief because this is what they keep being sent.

"You could get Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance in a room, with all the top virologists with my daughter, and it wouldn't make any difference."

Caller James explained "the conspiracy theories need to be taken apart" by Western governments and people shown "why they are conspiracies and lies."

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