James O'Brien's Caller Wants Brexit "Because We Couldn't Deport Abu Hamza"

23 September 2019, 13:46

This Leave voter told James O'Brien he has switched off his moral compass on Boris Johnson and would back him over anything if he can deliver Brexit.

James was asking why the story about the Prime Minister's controversial link with a former model in which she got taxpayer cash

Gary told James that he didn't care about that, the Garden Bridge or allowing Uber into London during his time as Mayor - he will still back him due to Brexit.

Asked why he wanted Brexit, things started to get really special.

He said he wanted to set our own laws - and when asked for which laws he said: "We can't send terrorists back because of the European Court of Justice."

James corrected him: "It's the European Court Of Human Rights and it has nothing to do with the European Union. And which terrorist are you thinking of?"

When Gary said Abu Hamza, James pointed out: "He's gone."

James O'Brien's caller wants Brexit because of Abu Hamza
James O'Brien's caller wants Brexit because of Abu Hamza. Picture: PA / LBC

Gary insisted it took a long time, but James said: "You just said he couldn't go. He's gone. It also had nothing to do with the European Union."

It ended with the remarkable line from James: "So you support him because he's the only person who can deliver the Brexit which you can't explain why you want?"

And Gary's response: "Yes exactly."