James O'Brien Takes Apart Caller's Claim No Deal Must Stay On The Table

25 July 2019, 11:17

This caller used an analogy to show why a no-deal Brexit must be left on the table, but it soon fell apart as he tried to explain it to James O'Brien.

Darren said that it is vital for Britain's negotiating position that we are willing to walk away from the EU with any agreement.

He likened it to buying a something in a shop, saying: "If you go into a shop and say you want to buy something and tell them you're not going to walk away, you're going to buy it anyway..."

When asked, he said we were buying a shirt, but to accurately carry on the analogy, James pointed out: " And before we go into the shop, we've burnt all our old shirts, so we go in not even wearing a shirt."

Darren insisted we haven't burnt our shirts, so James asked him: "Which shirts do we keep in the event of no-deal?"

The caller then struggled to answer, so James carried on.

James O'Brien, listening to Darren's call
James O'Brien, listening to Darren's call. Picture: LBC

He said: "We've got 120 free trade agreements at the moment. Let's call them shirts.

"In the event of no-deal, as we go into the European Union while not actually wearing anything, which of those 120 agreements do we keep in the event of a no-deal?

"How many of the current trade agreements do we retain in the event of a no-deal Brexit."

His answer: "Probably none."

James then pushes him on why he says "probably" and the call got even more interesting.

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