‘These people are doolally!’: James O’Brien rips into the govt and Brexiteers after multiple U-turns over mini-budget

17 October 2022, 14:09 | Updated: 17 October 2022, 14:11

James O'Brien absolutely destroys Brexiteer after Brexiteer

By Phoebe Dampare Osei

James O'Brien absolutely destroys the “vampires who suck the blood from the body politic of Britain” since Brexit in one of his most explosive monologues yet.

James O’Brien gave a powerful review of the current state of the government and their backing from Brexiteers in the media.

“It is very hard to know what to say in terms of coverage or reportage because this is unprecedented”, he began.
“The scale of this catastrophe is absolutely unbelievable.”

In the scathing rebuke, he reminded listeners that “not that long ago, i.e. a month, all of the people responsible for inflicting these harms upon our country were cheering Liz Truss to the rafters”.

This comes after a humiliating U-turn on the 45p tax rate cut, a rare statement of condemnation from the IMF on the policy, another U-turn on corporation tax last week, and the sacking of Kwasi Kwarteng as Chancellor less than 24 hours after he assured journalists that he and Liz Truss would “100 per cent” still be in their jobs next month.

Referring to the new Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s scrapping of almost all tax cuts announced by his predecessor, James said: “Today a conservative Chancellor will seek to restore a modicum of stability to the United Kingdom’s economic situation by completely dismantling and disowning policies announced by his own government less than four weeks ago”.

He also read out a tweet from former UKIP leader Nigel Farage: “Today was the best Conservative budget since 1986”.

In a vicious swipe at the Brexiteer, James said: “I think he meant 1988 but intelligence, knowledge and indeed consistency have never been his strong points”.

He continued: “You remember Lord Frost, the man who negotiated that Brexit withdrawal and then sought to disown it before the ink was even dry.

“He wrote ‘What an excellent statement from Kwasi Kwarteng, proper tax cuts…a focus on growth and improving our economy’s productive capacity and all delivered with huge intellectual confidence.’”

“These people were watching the same events that you were watching…they were crunching the same numbers.

“They concluded that black was white, that up was down, that the moon was made of cheese, that unicorns had finally arrived, they concluded that reality didn’t matter!”

He jabbed at former President Donald Trump’s “utter depravity”, remarking that the “seditious nature of his conduct in the run up to January 6” was “becoming crystal clear in America, where thankfully the determination to cling to the carcass of corruption appears much more popular than it is here”.

“Nobody as far as I can tell is clinging to the carcass of Liz Truss’ premiership”, said James in a withering blow.

“I live here, and I love this country, and I never want to live anywhere else…and I hate what I see”, he declared emphatically.

“This is what happens when the ruling class is permitted largely by a supine and sycophantic media and a gaslit population to detach itself from observable and objective reality, to abandon truth, to denigrate evidence.”

James also said Brexit was beginning to “completely fall apart in full public view”, and that in withdrawing from the “massive global economic bloc”, the UK has been left “absolutely blowing in the wind of market forces while Brexiteers insisted “that they were taking back control”.

He also highlighted contradictions between the government’s repeated claims of pushing for growth while being “diametrically, psychologically, pathologically opposed to immigration.

“So we’re going to have growth while we reduce the number of workers that can come into the country”, he mused.

James’ monologue was met with widespread praise on Twitter, while others took the opportunity to further criticise the government.

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