Conservative MP Praised For His Brutally Honest Interview With James O'Brien

12 December 2018, 12:18

This is Conservative MP Ed Vaizey's honest and open interview with James O'Brien about Theresa May's vote of no confidence.

The former Cabinet Minister, who served under David Cameron, admitted that the Conservative Party were in disarray and the only thing that has kept them in power is Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of the Labour Party.

James asked him: "You know these people, you've known them all your political life, some of them will be their friends. What are they doing?"

Mr Vaizey's honest answer: "The ERG, this party within a party that we have in the Conservative Party, are deciding to have a leadership election, not respecting the result of the last leadership election.

Ed Vaizey, speaking on LBC
Ed Vaizey, speaking on LBC. Picture: LBC

"They change their position when it suits them.

"They campaigned for Brexit in order to regain sovereignty for the UK, but the minute Parliament turns around and says 'Thanks very much, you've given us back our sovereignty, can we now decide what Brexit should be?', they say 'No, Parliament shouldn't have any say in this.'

"They've trashed the judges, they trash the media, they trash all our institutions if anything gets in the way of Brexit.

"It's really damaging and it's been going on for 25 years. In the 90s, they drove the Conservative ship on to the rocks and we were out of power for 15 years. Goodness knows what will happen this time.

"Frankly the one person who has saved the Conservative Party's bacon and for whom I want to say a big thank you to is Jeremy Corbyn.

"The real leadership election if you wanted to save politics in this country is for the Labour Party to elect a leader who could actually hold the Conservative Party to account. It would do the Conservative Party no end of good."

James was impressed with his honesty and asked if he would be able to be so open if he was still a Cabinet Minister. Mr Vaizey's forthright response: "There's not a huge amount of discipline in the Conservative Party at the moment, so I think if I was a Minister, I probably would be speaking to you like this."