The coronavirus call to James O'Brien that puts lots of our problems into perspective

17 March 2020, 11:30

This heartbreaking call to James O'Brien touched the LBC listeners and really put our current worries in perspective.

Yesterday, the government urged people with underlying health issues to self-isolate to protect themselves from the spread of coronavirus.

But that advice may have come too late for Simon.

He called James O'Brien to say: "I've got two daughters - 8 and 2. The two-year-old has just finished 27 weeks of chemotherapy after kidney cancer.

"I've been watching the news and trying to work out when I should or shouldn't take her sister home from school because I don't want her sister to bring anything home.

"I made the decision to pull her out of school last Thursday. I explained the situation to the school and they were quite supportive.

"On Friday, she developed a fever and a cough, so effectively we self-isolated her in her bedroom, which has not been easy with an eight-year-old, as you would imagine.

"At 2 o'clock this morning, we rushed her sister off to hospital with a high fever and cough and she's currently in hospital. They gave her a coronavirus test this morning and she has to wait until Monday to get the result.

"I told the school and they said thanks for letting us know - oh and we had two others that self-isolated last week, which they didn't share."

James O'Brien heard the heartbreaking call
James O'Brien heard the heartbreaking call. Picture: LBC

James also pointed out: "And the advice yesterday would be to pull her out of school. But it's a bit late for you, mate.

"Ah man, puts some of our problems or fears in rather stark perspective, doesn't it?"

Listeners were so touched by Simon's call, writing on Twitter:

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