Coronavirus: "It's a war" James McAvoy volunteers for NHS support

30 March 2020, 12:36

By Seán Hickey

James McAvoy decided to do his bit for the coronavirus effort by donating over a quarter of a million pounds to protect NHS staff.

Hollywood actor James McAvoy has volunteered for NHS support and donated £275,000 to equip doctors and nurses with protective equipment.

The X-Men star joined James O'Brien on the line to speak about his reasoning for the donation and to encourage the public to do what they can to support the NHS.

"Really we all are desperate to find something to do and help" he told James O'Brien, shrugging off the magnitude of his £275,000 donation to an organisation equipping NHS frontline staff with masks to protect them against transmitting coronavirus.

"We can't take our money with us" Mr. McAvoy said, claiming that his generosity came from a place of needing to make a change and to help the most important people in this crisis.

The actor told James that "it was an opportunity to effect something" and he couldn't afford to pass up on the opportunity to make a change.

James McAvoy donated £275,000 to support the NHS
James McAvoy donated £275,000 to support the NHS. Picture: PA

"I wanted to bring attention to the fact that morale in the NHS is incredibly low" Mr. McAvoy said, claiming that his donation was made to create exposure to a problem rather than to give himself air time.

James asked the actor about his commitment to the NHS effort after putting himself forward as a volunteer in the coming weeks. Mr. McAvoy's mother was an NHS worker and James wanted to know if that played a part in how passionate he was to make a change.

"They've saved my life in the past" he replied. There was no doubt in James McAvoy's mind that he holds the NHS dearly.

"They've been real life superheroes" he said and stressed again that his action is the least he could do.

Commending the NHS, Mr. McAvoy said "it's absolutely essential, we cannot survive without it."

Showing his excitement, the actor revealed to James that he's "looking forward to help and have some effect on the community."

You can donate to the same cause as James McAvoy, providing protective equipment to NHS frontline staff at