Wuhan resident reveals what it's like to be stranded in city over coronavirus fears

29 January 2020, 13:15 | Updated: 24 February 2020, 07:23

People in Wuhan are stuck in their homes and are scared to touch anything in case they contract coronavirus, a resident has told James O'Brien.

The Foreign Office has warned against "all but essential travel" to the country where 132 people have died from the coronavirus.

All British Airways flights to and from mainland China have been suspended with immediate effect.

James spoke to Kathleen Bell, an English professor who has lived in Wuhan for two years and she revealed just what it is like to live in the city.

She said: "Most of the information you get about how to conduct yourself is on WeChat groups, which is China's version of WhatsApp. Yesterday, the Foreign Affairs office in China issued phone numbers for foreigners if you wanted to consult them on anything.

"For the Chinese people, it's in the media and there's also a loudspeaker, which is saying the same thing - wash your hands, wear a face mask."

James O'Brien spoke to a resident of Wuhan to find out what it's like living there
James O'Brien spoke to a resident of Wuhan to find out what it's like living there. Picture: PA / LBC

Kathleen is essentially under house arrest, being told not to leave the house and she hasn't been told when that will end.

She revealed: "It depends how the virus will develop on when we'll be given the ok to go out again.

"I don't think it's that contagious if you stay in, or if you do go out and you're not in a crowd and you're careful what you touch, then it's a low risk.

"For example, I live on the 21st floor. If I go down, I press the ground floor button, but I don't do that with my finger, I do that with plastic gloves on which I throw away afterwards. Everyone touches that and it is transmitted partially by touching the same thing.

"You're very conscious of where you place your hands."

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