The Call About Soldiers Degrading Women Which Stopped James In His Tracks

20 February 2018, 12:41

This is the remarkable call from a woman whose husband told her how the ritual humiliation of women is seen as standard among soldiers.

Mary Beard caused controversy when she said that it is difficult to “sustain ‘civilised’ values in a disaster zone”.

As James O'Brien discussed those comments, Donna in Manchester called up with a uniquely personal story that stopped James in his tracks.

James O'Brien was left shocked by what he heard
James O'Brien was left shocked by what he heard. Picture: LBC

Donna revealed: "I had a conversation last night with my partner on the back of the Brendan Cox revelations.

"He told me that when he was serving in the army, in his Regiment, it was ritualistic to go and sleep with prostitutes. But not just sleep with prostitutes but to do the most degrading and horrible things, embarrass them and humiliate them.

"I was quite horrified. We had a long discussion about it and he was very honest.

"But what came from it was he thinks this is endemic in the Army, that men were allowed to abuse women, exploit women in horrible situations, but it would never be looked at in the same way as Oxfam."

That got James thinking: "I wonder if it becomes easier to kill someone tomorrow if you degraded someone else last night."

Watch the shocking call at the top of the page.