"I've done women's sport proud," Fallon Sherrock tells James O'Brien

18 December 2019, 11:54

Fallon Sherrock told James O'Brien how it felt making history after becoming the first woman to beat a man at the darts world championship.

The 25-year-old mum from Milton Keynes was left speechless after defeating Ted Evetts 3-2 during the PDC championship at Alexandra Palace.

She was one of only two female players at the tournament, up against 94 men.

Ms Sherrock told James she was still "taking it all in" and exclaimed, "I've made history!" The darts player did continue that she is looking towards her next match on Saturday against Mensur Suljovic, the 11th seed, in round two.

James, who watched the championship last night, asked her what she said in her break during the match when it was becoming clear she might win.

"Walking off after the second set, I thought to myself 'you're back in it, you can win this'," she said. James pointed out that he thought she said a "fruity" phrase, to which she laughed and said it was all a blur.

Fallon Sherrock has made history by winning her match at Alexandra Palace
Fallon Sherrock has made history by winning her match at Alexandra Palace. Picture: PA

James asked if trained herself not to wobble under the immense pressure as she seemed unfazed.

"I mentally prepare myself... I just keep going," she said, "I wait for my opportunity and if I get it I just take it."

She said she was like that in all areas of her life, to which James commended her for being "cool as a cucumber."

Ms Sherrock told James she intends to keep practising in the way she's always done, put the hours in and when she plays again on Saturday, she will take the opportunity for victory.

"You'll have the whole country behind you," said James.

She agreed and said, "I feel like I've done women's sport proud. I've proved that we can beat the men we just need the opportunity to do it."

James said, "I've got a 13 year old and an 11 year old at home who think you're the absolute dog's, so thank you for that Fallon Sherrock."