Former EDL Member Reveals How Group Would Have Reacted To Mosque Shooting

18 March 2019, 15:28

This former EDL member told James O'Brien how the group would have been pleased about the deadly attack on mosques in New Zealand last week.

Ben used to be fairly senior on the English Defence League, but changed his opinions after listening to James O'Brien's shows.

Following the shootings in Christchurch in which 50 people died, he called James to reveal how the EDL would respond to a far-right terror attack.

He said: "You're never going to get this publicly spoken by the EDL, because even they have an image to maintain that they don't want to be branded as racist.

"You have to promise not to judge me. It's not how I am any more.

"New Zealand - we'd count that as a win to us. We'd count it as a win. We'd be happy about that."

James O'Brien was discussing the New Zealand mosque shootings
James O'Brien was discussing the New Zealand mosque shootings. Picture: PA / LBC

Speaking about his former colleagues in the EDL, he commented: "I was out of work and when I was in work, I was earning rubbish money. I was in a miserable relationship.

"I surrounded myself with other miserable people because I found myself sitting around the pub was other miserable people. We became friends and it became an echo chamber. It's such a spiral."