Greensill: Incensed James O'Brien caller explains why he is disgusted by cronyism

15 April 2021, 14:53 | Updated: 15 April 2021, 16:49

By Sam Sholli

This James O'Brien caller explained why he is particularly 'incensed' by political cronyism, as David Cameron's Greensill scandal continues.

Pete in Rotherham spoke to LBC's James O'Brien about David Cameron's conduct after the former PM has come under scrutiny for privately lobbying ministers to win access to an emergency coronavirus loan scheme for his employer, financier Lex Greensill.

Downing Street has confirmed that an independent investigation will be carried out into David Cameron's efforts to lobby for Greensill Capital.

Pete told James: "Cronyism is using friends in high places to get yourself ever so slightly richer when the levels of money that they're talking about and they're dealing with would change people's lives."

He went on to say that the alleged sums of money involved, if "invested in Rotherham, where we need it, would change [the] town".

Pete then said: "What is it going to do? It's going to buy David Cameron a new private jet or buy him some fancy holiday somewhere and he isn't going to even think about it."

Speaking of the attitude of people involved in the scandal to money, he added: "They will never give it up. They don't see people, they see money."

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Mr Cameron has said that the former Prime Minister intends to respond "positively" to any request to give evidence to any of the inquiries taking place into the Greensill affair.

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