"My mum's had enough, she wants to die": James O'Brien hears the reality of care homes

3 August 2020, 13:06 | Updated: 3 August 2020, 13:39

By Adrian Sherling

This caller gave a heartbreaking explanation of what it's like to be unable to visit her mum in a care home.

James O'Brien was asking callers to give a first-hand account of what is happening in care homes after it was revealed that the government had stopped systematically testing people who enter care homes.

Carol called in to talk about her mum, who is in a care home and she isn't able to visit her.

And she was close to tears as she talked about the fact that if there is a second wave of Covid-19, she worries she'll never see her mum again.

James O'Brien heard some heartbreaking stories about care homes
James O'Brien heard some heartbreaking stories about care homes. Picture: LBC / PA

Carol said: "I had my normal Skype call with my Mum yesterday and she spend the 45 minutes saying that she doesn't know why she wakes up in the morning, she just wants to die.

"She's had enough and she just wants to hug us, but she can't hug us because we can't visit."

James pointed out that the promise on testing was designed to allow them to open the doors to more visitors, so abandoning that policy has been a real set-back for Carol.

Carol fears it will get worse: "If the outbreak continues and the lockdown gets tighter, then I don't think I'll ever see her again.

"She's going downhill so quickly and there's nothing I can do."

James asked whether she believes the care home or the government over the issues and Carol was clear - she sees it as the government's fault.

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