James O'Brien's Hilarious Take On Jacob Rees-Mogg's £1Trillion Brexit Claim

11 September 2018, 14:55

James O'Brien's attempt to imagine how Jacob Rees-Mogg came to claim Brexit would boost the economy by £1trillion is hilarious.

The prominent Brexiteer announced this morning that leaving the European Union will help the country secure £1trillion.

Pointing out that he doesn't have any facts or evidence to back that up, James said: "He's been knocking around with Steve Bannon, like Boris Johnson has.

"Like when Donald Trump said 'I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose a single vote', Bannon has dared Rees-Mogg to do the same. So he's sort of gone in is really slimy horrible, got-completely-owned-in-public-by-TheoUsherwood kind of way, he's gone 'No seriously Jacob, you can say anything to these people, they're so stupid they'll believe it'."

James O'Brien in the LBC studio
James O'Brien in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

James then imagined how the conversation may have gone:

Mogg: 'Oh no, I know they're quite stupid, some of them didn't even go to public school, but they're not that stupid, Stephen'.

Bannon: 'No no, seriously man, look at Donald Trump. You can tell these bozos anything and they will swallow it'.

Mogg: 'No no no no, I mean, look, they're not going to believe every single thing I say just because I'm posh, I'm all for the doffing of caps and tugging of forelocks obviously, my entire public profile depends on it. But they do have some sense, these plebs, don't they?'

Bannon: 'No man, I'm an ex-Goldman Sachs banker and I've led an anti-elitist racist crusade around the world. You can tell anything to these people. They're so thick and angry...'

Mogg: 'Oh well OK then I'll tell you what I'll do, you'll like this Steve. Tomorrow I will say that Brexit will boost the British economy by a billion pounds'.

Bannon: 'Dude, say a trillion'

Mogg: 'No I don't even know how many noughts there are in a trillion. I can't go around saying it's going to boost the British economy by a trillion pounds.'

Bannon: 'Dude, try it. Seriously, these lemmings are going to swallow anything now, they're so immersed in the idiocy of their own Brexit decision'.

Mogg: 'Stephen, are you really telling me that if I were to stand up in public tomorrow and claim that Brexit will boost theBritish economy by one trillion pounds with absolutely no evidence or grounds at all, that some of these people would still be doffing their caps, tugging their forelocks and cheering me to the jolly old rafters?'

Bannon: 'Just try it, Jake'.