ICU doctor: Nobody would mention the economy if they saw Intensive Care

21 April 2020, 13:29 | Updated: 21 April 2020, 13:31

By Adrian Sherling

This Intensive Care Doctor laid bare the current state of hospitals dealing with the coronavirus outbreak in a remarkable call with James O'Brien.

Shilen is a cancer doctor who has moved over to intensive care to help out during the coronavirus crisis.

"Every single person in the department is Covid-positive and is ventilated. There's no patients who have other medical problems at the moment.

"It's a really desperate time and I have to say the ICU nurses are absolutely the heroes of this country. The way that they've carried themselves and the way that they're working is unimaginable. It's incredible what they're doing."

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An ICU doctor laid revealed the crisis the NHS is facing
An ICU doctor laid revealed the crisis the NHS is facing. Picture: PA

James asked if Shilen gets scared when he goes to work. His response: "It all becomes normal. We all work and act together. It's one big NHS army looking after everyone.

"We are concerned. We all have families who we live with and we all have vulnerable people in our households.

"But to put it in perspective, if you had a head and neck cancer at this time, two-three months ago, that cancer may have had a curable outcome. But now, if you have chemo-radiotherapy, it puts you in a very vulnerable position to having coronavirus and therefore, having a demise very quickly.

"There are patients who have cancer now, who are not getting treatment that could cure them. That's how serious this is.

"We are in a crisis. I know people aren't seeing that. They're seeing the sun beating down and it's a great day for a run or a barbecue.

"But I promise you, people would not be talking about the economy if they spent 30 seconds in ICU."

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As well as his 12-hour shifts at ICU, Shilen is running a red and green card scheme to protect the vulnerable people. You put a green card in their window and everyone knows you're fine. If you change it to red, then people know you need help and can approach your house to see what is written.

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