Caller's remarkable account of being in love with a conspiracy theorist

7 July 2020, 13:00

By Adrian Sherling

This is the remarkable call from a woman whose partner has become a conspiracy theorist.

James was asking why one in six Britons would refuse to take a coronavirus vaccine and asked how people get caught up in conspiracies like anti-vaxxers and 5G.

Cora's partner was furloughed due to coronavirus and started getting lost down rabbit holes on the internet filled with conspiracy theories.

And all of a sudden, he believed that Bill Gates is evil and wants to kill off the lower classes; the reason Donald Trump wanted to build a wall because the Mexicans are responsible for child trafficking; and that George Soros wanted to buy Hungary.

And she is at her wits' end on how to respond to him.

James O'Brien heard from a caller whose partner is a conspiracy theorist
James O'Brien heard from a caller whose partner is a conspiracy theorist. Picture: PA / LBC

She said: "We had a lovely relationship - and I use the word 'had' because it doesn't feel like it's there any more.

"When it started, I had a bit of empathy for it. But then it went on -

"It is terrifying. I don't understand.

"I've tried and tried, but I can't any more.

"I care about him, I want things to be better for him, but I can't any more."

James told her: "I think you know what I want to say to you, but it's not my place."

Cora responded: "I've come to terms with the fact this isn't what it was and I can't keep arguing."

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