It's madness to force us to stay open, distraught dentist tells James O'Brien

12 January 2021, 14:51

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment a dentist told James O'Brien he desperately fears costing patients their lives during the pandemic despite being "forced" to remain open.

John from Wimbledon expressed his concern to James after yesterday it was reported that the UK recorded another 563 coronavirus deaths and 54,940 new cases.

He told James: "You'll know that this heinous virus spreads through the air. Dentists cause aerosols when they work sometimes."

John continued: "Therefore it's madness to mandate dentists to be open when it could spread through the air."

He added: "I can't express how deeply I feel for my fellow citizens...I don't want anyone to catch it through my actions. Full stop."

"I know I break the rules sometimes. I try to understand the rules. I know I'm an imperfect human being.

"But I don't want to spread it to anybody and I'm being mandated to take actions which I feel could spread it."

He told James he'd spend tens of thousands of his own money making his practice as safe as possible, but shouldered the burden that he could cause death to some of his patients.