James FINALLY Gets To The Truth Of Caller's Grid Girls View

1 February 2018, 13:40

James O'Brien asked this caller the same question about Formula One grid girls again and again until he finally got to the truth.

John called from Le Mans with a passionate defence of the idea of grid girls, insisting the idea of girls in bikinis is 20 years old and the the women now wear local outfits.

After John agreed he wouldn't enjoy Formula One any less without the grid girls, James asked what seemed like a simple question: "Why do you think they are there?"

And that was a question that John had quite a few problems answering.

James O'Brien was discussing grid girls with his callers
James O'Brien was discussing grid girls with his callers. Picture: LBC / PA

He found different answers each time, before eventually saying he didn't know what the organisers were thinking.

James suggested that they were there to "titillate sad old men". John disagreed, but did think they added "glamour" to the races.

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