James Figures Out The Huge Contradiction In Trump's Abortion Decision

26 January 2017, 11:16 | Updated: 26 January 2017, 11:51

James O'Brien Trump Bill

After Donald Trump ordered a ban on US aid to support abortion services overseas, James wants to register one glaring contradiction.

The decision by Trump has sparked a huge outcry internationally, including the Netherlands government announcing it was setitng a fund to counter Trump's withdrawal.

James had some harsh words for those men who have made the decision.

"In developing countries, which now will not be able to spend any American aid money promoting birth control or abortion, just to keep happy a bunch of usually slightly old, angry, sexually repressed or indeed sexually confused men who hate the idea of women having sexual independence.

"Absolutely hate it.

"Either because they know they should fancy women and don't or they didn't ever really feel they got as much sex as they should have had as a man. All these flipping women turning them down, deserve to be punished."

But beyond just his criticism of Trump and his right hand men who signed the bill, James flagged up the huge problem with cutting birth control funding for "the parts of the world where population is a problem, where there are too many people being born in many ways.

"You take away birth control and abortion from those parts of the world, while simultaneously claiming that you have to protect your borders? You're creating more problems!

"But it's free.

"It doesn't cost anything. All the people who are expecting a cheque and a magic unicorn to arrive by teatime, some of them will be placated by the idea that a woman in Africa has just been punched in the uterus.

"That's how it works.

"It's so obvious."