James O'Brien: The Brexit Point That Remainers And Leavers Agree On

14 February 2017, 11:08

James O'Brien

James O'Brien made a plea for Theresa May to guarantee the rights of EU nationals to stay after Brexit - and even Leavers told him they agreed.

1.2million foreign nationals currently living in Britain are sweating over whether they will be allowed to stay in the country once we leave the European Union.

James said there is absolutely no reason why the Prime Minister can't guarantee it today - and got support from both sides of the Brexit divide.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "If you are French or German or whatever you may be, how's it looking for you now? Have you been surprised at the uncertainty? If you're Polish, what have you done?

"Even if we disagree with each other passionately about Brexit, especially if you sort of peddle this ludicrous patriotic line, surely pride in your own country is built upon a belief that your own country does things better than others. Isn't it? Otherwise what else does it mean?

"It's a belief that you do things better. Our values are superior on some objective moral compass.

"So let's just do the right thing. You can stay."