James O'Brien caller "frightened" for disabled people during "Draconian" times

14 July 2020, 15:27

By Fiona Jones

This caller told James O'Brien he is "frightened" of the impact the "Draconian" face mask measures will have on his disabled mother and urges public to have understanding for those with special needs.

This comes after the Government's announcement that face masks will be mandatory in shops from 24 July with a fine expected to be put in place if people refuse.

The caller Gary said that his mother could not would not even be able to put a mask on and fears she will be unable to buy food, after already being refused entry to the bank.

"She's been too frightened to go to the pharmacy to pick up her medication," Gary told James.

Gary's mother had said that every time she goes into town she gets shouted at because she does not have spacial awareness mainly due to her mental health issues.

"What I'm calling for is for everyone to have a think about those people that might not look any different to you or I, but they have other issues which stop them from being able to really consider the mask issue," said Gary.

He conceded that some members of the public are refusing to wear masks but there are some that simply are not able instead of not willing.

James suggested there may be some type of badge disabled people can wear during these times to signal their special needs, which could allow them entry into shops and banks.

Gary, who heard a shop owner call in and pledge to buy face masks, was heartened; he pleaded for other shop owners to dig into their pockets to provide masks for those who may not otherwise be able.