James O'Brien caller: Remainers are 'much more adjusted' to Brexit than Leavers

8 December 2020, 19:09 | Updated: 8 December 2020, 19:16

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment a British caller based in Spain told James O'Brien that Remainers are "much more adjusted" to the Brexit process than Leavers.

Earlier today the Prime Minister warned that talks with the European Union on a trade deal were proving "very tricky".

Mr Johnson said he was still hopeful about reaching a deal but it was proving "very, very difficult" to make progress.

Gareth, who is a Remain voter in Benidorm told James: "My observation is that the people who were the Remainers are now much more adjusted to the leaving process than the people who were the Leavers.

"[This is] because we've all got our Spanish driving licenses here. They haven't. They're all saying 'oh my god, we've got to change over to Spanish licenses...'"

He added: "And they're saying it's just Barnier being spiteful because he doesn't like Brexit [and] that's why they've got to get Spanish driving licenses and this kind of stuff."

Later on in the exchange, Gareth told James: "I daren't drink in an English pub here anymore because the feelings are so high amongst the Leavers."

He also claimed that Brexit voters in Spain "are the ones who are moaning the most now".

Talks between the UK and EU on the subject of a trade deal have faltered on the issues of fishing rights, the "level playing field" measures aimed at preventing the UK undercutting the EU on standards and state subsidies, and the way that any deal would be governed.