James O'Brien caller slams "psychotic government" over flood response

20 February 2020, 11:50

This James O'Brien caller said her 150 acre maize farm has been fully flooded for months and yet the "psychotic government" who have "thrown up" EU food trade agreements haven't helped at all.

Liz's farm has been flooded since October and her husband, who has lived there for 61 years, says this bout of water is "unprecedented." They have received no help from the authorities, which James called "insane."

"We have had relentless rain here- as soon as the levels drop and you think maybe it's going to dry out, they're back again," she said.

"That's like an anxiety dream, that's like psychological torture," James said, observing she encapsulated notion of relentless hope being the thing that gets you down, not the despair.

"I went to see 1917 the other day and I pretty much related to that feeling because walking on this farm is pretty much like that," she said, sharing that 150 acres of maize has been lost which left them £60,000 down.

A month's worth of rain is set to hit the UK today, forecasters understand
A month's worth of rain is set to hit the UK today, forecasters understand. Picture: LBC

Liz continued, "Pretty much all of the farm has been soggy and underwater. Some of it looks like a riverbed now because it's been wet for so long."

"This is so huge!" James exclaimed, "We do seem to be creating a population that is being conditioned not to care about anybody else."

Liz said, "Everyone thinks food come from supermarkets in a plastic container and it's always going to be there but we've got this onslaught of climate change... there's going to be global food shortages.

On top of that we've got a psychotic government who want to completely throw up all of our trade agreements at the same time decimate farming and home production." She said there'd be a possibility of "very real crisis."

James posited, "If you've got money you'll be fine but you're going to have to spend more and more and more of your income simply to be replete, simply to eat."