James O'Brien challenges motorist over claims cyclists "have no education"

29 July 2020, 14:59

By Fiona Jones

James O'Brien challenges a motorist who thinks cyclists have no education on the road and takes to personally "congratulating" those that "ride well."

Caller Mike told James he is a petrol head as a cyclist, scooterist, motorcyclist, van driver and truck driver.

"The key thing is standards. As a cyclist no one is required to take any form of test," Mike said.

James countered, "If I see someone driving like an idiot, I won't make any conclusions about motorists...you see an idiot on a bike and people ring me with a point about cyclists, not idiots on bikes, but cyclists."

Mike said cyclists do not have mirrors or education, telling James, "If I see somebody riding well, I'll say to them when I come to the lights you're riding well.

"They really appreciate it."

James asked, "Do they? That's quite patronising." James asked Mike to clarify that he does indeed congratulate grown ups.

Mike continued that he's aware of cyclists as a cyclist himself but does not always see them when driving.

He said that cyclists should have mirrors on their bicycles so they are more aware of what is coming up behind them.

James reiterated his point that if he sees an idiot in a car, he does not dismiss all motorists, and if he sees an idiot on a bicycle, he does not dismiss all cyclists, "but some people do."