James O'Brien Demolishes The Argument Against MMR Vaccine

25 April 2019, 11:17

As the number of children not receiving the MMR vaccine rises, James O'Brien took apart the argument against it.

New figures show more than half a million children in the UK weren't vaccinated against measles over an eight-year period.

The figures from Unicef coincide with a sharp rise in cases of the disease - last year the number trebled in England to almost 1,000

The charity says it's trying to fight the so-called anti-vax movement, which wrongly believes the jabs are harmful.

And James insisted this isn't a debate with two sides, only one.

James O'Brien had no time for speaking to anti-vaxxers
James O'Brien had no time for speaking to anti-vaxxers. Picture: LBC / PA

He said: "I will not be taking calls from anybody seeking to defend the anti-vaccination position. Because it is an anti-life position that you've adopted.

"You are pro-disease, you are pro-death, you are pro-misery and you are pro-contagion.

"I'm really sorry if those words hurt and I could not be more sympathetic to your pain if your child has been diagnosed with a condition that you can't understand or accept.

"But I will not be taking calls today because there are not two sides. There's only one. And that side is science."