James O'Brien Destroys Juncker's EU Speech (With One Small Twist At The End)

19 September 2017, 14:51 | Updated: 18 December 2017, 13:09

James O'Brien said Jean-Claude Juncker brought Remainers and Brexiteers together as he tore apart his 'United States Of Europe' speech.

In last week's landmark speech, the President of the European Commission President talked about his dream of a United States of Europe - something that it was "a red rag to a bull".

So James did what he always does - looked at the speech in translation and pulled out this key passage.

James O'Brien tore apart the Juncker speech
James O'Brien tore apart the Juncker speech. Picture: LBC / PA

"All the while there is a remedy which, if it were generally and spontaneously adopted by the great majority of people in many lands, would as if by a miracle transform the whole scene, and would in a few years make all Europe, or the greater part of it, as free and as happy as Switzerland was in 1948.

"What is this sovereign remedy?

"It is to re-create the European Family, or as much of it as we can, and provide it with a structure under which it can dwell in peace, in safety and in freedom.We must build a kind of United States of Europe.

"In this way only will hundreds of millions of toilers be able to regain the simple joys and hopes which make life worth living.

"The process is simple. All that is needed is the resolve of hundreds of millions of men and women to do right instead of wrong, and gain as their reward, blessing instead of cursing."

James posited that everyone, however they voted in the EU Referendum, would be angry that Juncker had used the phrase the "United States of Europe".

Oh, there was one small twist at the end. Watch the video above to find out what it is.