James O'Brien Explains Why May Is To Blame Over Brexit Deadlock, Not The EU

16 January 2019, 11:43 | Updated: 16 January 2019, 12:24

When this caller blamed the EU for refusing to compromise over Brexit, James O'Brien explained why it is Theresa May's fault.

Speaking on his LBC show, James said that the Prime Minister's insistence that stopping freedom of movement is a red line which she would not negotiate on.

That was at odds with the indivisible four freedoms offered by the EU, which ruled the UK out of a Customs Union or the Single Market and meant last night was inevitable.

When David in Ipswich suggested the EU were to blame for the stalemate we currently face, James had a few facts for him.

James O'Brien in the LBC studio
James O'Brien in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

James said: "The European Union put their cards on the table immediately and they haven't changed one of them."

David responded: "And that's part of the problem. The fact that they've not been willing to give as much as they could have in this situation."

But James then asked: "What does the word indivisibility mean?

"Can I take a guess that you are still of the view that leaving without a deal is still preferable to anything else? I can't understand why you'd logically be trying to do this otherwise."