James O'Brien Fact Checks Caller Over Reasons For Voting Leave

28 September 2019, 07:34

The caller gave James O'Brien two reasons why she voted to leave the EU - and the LBC presenter fact-checked both of them.

Vanessa, from the Isle of Wight, told James O'Brien her first reason for wanting to leave the EU: "First of all, they are totally unaccountable with regard to the billions we have given them and the billions we are still giving them.

"In this country, if you did not publish properly audited accounts you could end up in jail."

James O'Brien corrected her, saying: "They do publish audited accounts."

Vanessa replied: "Well, I've been misled."

He then pushed her for her second reason for wanting Brexit.

He said: "I hope it's better than reason one."

O'Brien added: "I don't think you should be laughing."

James O'Brien Fact Checks Caller Over Reasons For Voting Leave
James O'Brien Fact Checks Caller Over Reasons For Voting Leave. Picture: LBC

Vanessa then proceeded to explain her second reason for wanting to Leave: "We absolutely ditched the Commonwealth when we joined the EU.

"We almost bankrupted New Zealand."

She added that they couldn't export their lamb anymore and the UK couldn't import Jamaican sugar.

James O'Brien was curious as to why Vanessa supported trade with the Commonwealth, as opposed to trading with countries closer to the UK.

He said: "The reason why our trade is more likely to be with countries we're really close to is the same reason why you'll be doing your shopping in the Isle of Wight, rather than The Bahamas."

Vanessa wasn't convinced. She said: "Who in Europe produces lamb?"

James O'Brien responded: "Would it be really unfair of me to say that New Zealand's third biggest trade partner at the moment is the EU?"

Vanessa was unaware.

The LBC presenter then told the caller: "Please don't take offence, your answer to every evidence-based question I've asked you about the groundings for you views has been 'I don't know' or 'I didn't know'".