James O'Brien Labels Corbyn's Brexit Vision A "Different-Flavoured Porridge Of Nonsense"

26 February 2018, 11:27

James O'Brien believes Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit vision is just "a different flavoured porridge of nonsense".

The Labour leader set out the party's Brexit policy this morning, stating that they would look to remain in a customs union with the European Union.

That sets them apart from the Conservatives and is designed to appeal to Remainers.

But James sees a lot of holes in Mr Corbyn's vision.

He said: "Jeremy Corbyn talked about a customs union, but not the customs union, a bespoke deal. He also raised the spectres of Norway and Switzerland, without mentioning actually acknowledging fully that they are in the Single Market and he doesn't want to be.

"For reasons that remain fairly opaque, you now have a competition to see who can be most confused and confusing on issues that are neither confusing nor need to be confused."

James O'Brien was not impressed by Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit speech
James O'Brien was not impressed by Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit speech. Picture: LBC / PA

James suggested that Brexiteers who previously campaigned saying we should stay in a customs union, people like Daniel Hannan, should be cheering the Labour leader's speech today.

"But they won't," he added, "because he's Jeremy Corbyn.

"And also, because he's offering up a slightly different-flavoured porridge of nonsense."