'Where Will The Anger Of Leavers Go When They Realise They've Been Conned?'

17 January 2017, 11:11 | Updated: 17 January 2017, 11:39

James O'Brien Fist

James O'Brien wants to know what "fatuous slogans" will be wheeled out now that some of the big pledges of the Leave side have been exposed.

"You essentially now have a country split down the middle," said James, who described the 48% who voted Remain as wanting "desperately to move away from this rancour and this division."

He was speaking ahead of Theresa May's much-anticipated Brexit speech and turned his thoughts to the slogans that still resonate from last year's vote, wondering what will follow now.

"How do I ask this question politely?

"What are the fatuous slogans that we're going to hear now?

"Now that we know that they don't need us more than we need them. Now that we know that German car manufacturers are going to sit by and let their government dictate the terms of trade in the future.

"How do we compute the fact that control has been given to the remaining countries, control over our relationship with our largest trading partner has been given to the 27 countries that are still in it?"

James finished with a thought-provoking point: "What's going to happen when people realise they have been conned?

"Where does the anger go next?"