James O'Brien on why Donald Trump will win the next election

19 December 2019, 11:38

James O'Brien explains why he thinks Donald Trump will win the next election.

James said that in many ways in politics "we are beyond rational analysis."

"We have asked many many times in the context of Brexit and also in the context of Donald Trump, what happens when people realise that their lives aren't the way they are because of immigration?"

"So much political capital has been expended in the last few years on blaming immigration for domestic problems.

"Every government has allowed the idea that immigration is the reason why your waiting lists have got longer and or your class sizes have got bigger, when in fact you plot the public spending during that period, especially since 2010 and it's clearly not true."

He asked who are they going to blame it on next and said Donald Trump has the answer. "He now talks about Democrats in the way he used to talk about Mexicans and migrants."

James said if Mr Trump's health holds up he might win the next election "for the very simple reason his base have been completely persuaded already that the enemy at the gates in no longer Mexicans or migrants or Muslims, it's now Americans."