James O'Brien On Why Smacking Children Is So Wrong

12 September 2018, 15:27

James O'Brien took less than 30 seconds to end the debate around whether smacking works as a punishment.

The Association of Educational Psychologists has forwarded a motion to the TUC Conference calling for physical punishment, including smacking, to be outlawed as it is harmful to children's mental health.

Currently UK law states that parents can 'smack' or physically chastise a child as long as it is deemed 'reasonable'.

Fielding a phone-in on whether smacking works, the LBC presenter surmised: "You can make a mockery of the idea that you should be allowed to smack children by suggesting that you should smack a shop assistant who displeases you.

James O'Brien
James O'Brien. Picture: LBC

"Or smack a doctor who can't see you in time or doesn't do what you want immediately.

"But we don't see smacking children in the same way that we see hitting other humans.

"So if I said to you should you be able to humans who get on your nerves? You say 'No James of course not,' so what if they're your own children that should be the point where we go God No, that's even worse!"