James O'Brien Pulls Apart Caller's Two Unusual Reasons For Voting Brexit

16 October 2019, 13:29

This caller claimed the EU was toxic, but his reasons for wanting to leave the EU fell apart under the simplest of questioning from James O'Brien.

Martin said he's known the European Union is "toxic" for 40 years, since a dairy farmer friend told him about the EU milk quotas which had made his business so difficult.

He said he voted for Brexit because of that in the 2016 referendum.

But James pointed out that the quotas he spoke of expired the year before the Brexit vote.

This caller thought we should leave the EU because of milk quotas which expired in 2015
This caller thought we should leave the EU because of milk quotas which expired in 2015. Picture: PA / LBC

Martin then insisted that freedom of movement meant that too many foreigners were filling up jobs in the NHS, rather than the 1.3million unemployed people in the UK.

Again, James had to point out that the NHS currently has over 40,000 vacancies, so that is clearly nothing to do with migration from the EU.

James told him: "There's tens of thousands of vacancies in the NHS. How can there be too many foreigners in it?"

Martin claimed: "The reason there are all those vacancies is because our training infrastructure has been run down by successive governments using the free movement of people as an excuse so they can fill those vacancies from the EU."

James responded: "So it had nothing to do with the EU then?", something that, remarkably, Martin agreed to.

James summed up the call: "Your reason for voting leave had absolutely nothing to do with the EU. And your other reason for voting leave ceased to be true in 2015.

"And I know that you haven't budged one millimetre. You still think the EU is toxic because of something about cows."