James O'Brien Has A Simple Question For This Furious Leave Voter

4 January 2017, 12:50 | Updated: 6 January 2017, 14:40

James O'Brien Head In Hands 2

After Britain's Ambassador to the EU quit and launched a stinging attack on the government, James O'Brien and a Leave voter had this memorable and very feisty exchange.


The first thing that the caller Chris and James disagreed on was whether Sir Ivan Rogers, the outgoing Ambassador, wanted to make a name for himself with his extraordinary resignation letter.

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"He hates his name in the papers, these people don't want public images," James told Chris. "That's the thing that distinguishes them from politicians, they don't have the look-at-me gene."

"That's rubbish," replied Chris, "You don't release a 14,000 (sic) word document...and no-one would ever let anyone know that? No-one would ever leak that?"

"What do you mean?" asked James. "What do you even think you mean when you say that?

"Of course it has to get out there.

"If the bloke that's supposed to be leading our negotiations doesn't know what the objectives are, it would be an act of treason not to tell the public that."

Chris wasn't backing down though, implying that Sir Ivan Rogers was a "bad person" out to "feather his own nest".

James's response to that? "So he's a bad person?"

Chris met that comment with a sigh.

"You realise that frustration you just expressed in that sigh is frustration with your own argument?" asked James. "Imagine how I feel istening to it. You're making it!"

That was far from the end of their head-to-head though, as James and Chris went back and forth.

At the end of the call, the LBC presenter's conclusion summed it all up with a long sigh and the sign-off: "And his vote is worth the same as yours."