James O'Brien reacts to 'One Britain One Nation' song on Brexit's fifth anniversary

23 June 2021, 11:41

By Fiona Jones

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the EU referendum and the Department for Education have encouraged schoolchildren to celebrate with the anthem "One Britain One Nation". James O'Brien gives his reaction.

Social media users have ridiculed a bid for schoolchildren to celebrate "One Britain One Nation" (OBON) this week, calling its anthem "creepy" and prompting comparisons to North Korea.

The campaign, which has been backed by the Department for Education, has published a song that ends with children repeatedly singing "Strong Britain, great nation".

"If I played you the following ditty before Brexit and said that the Department of Education is encouraging all children in the country to sing this song at school, I don't think you would have believed me.

"If I tell you today on the fifth anniversary of Brexit the vote Leave Government's Department of Education, headed by the Secretary of State for Education and flags has posted public support that every child in the country sings this at school on something called Freedom Day, I think you'd believe me."

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In a tongue in cheek moment, he suggested he should stand when listening to this song.

James continued: "This is a song which, I kid you not, the Department of Education, Gavin Williamson's town, has publicly stated should be - not has to be - they've made a couple of booboos, most obviously it's about Britain which is going to leave Northern Ireland out of the loop, but hey ho, that seems to be the fashion at the moment.

"The date of the day on which they want all school children to sing it comes after most of the Scottish schools will have broken up, so it's almost as if they've completely ignored Scotland. Once again, seems to be a pattern that's emerging here."

After playing the song he reflected, "That probably wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for that great vote five years ago."

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