James O'Brien's Immediate Take On Theresa May Opening Path To Brexit Delay

26 February 2019, 13:04 | Updated: 26 February 2019, 13:08

This is James O'Brien's immediate response to Theresa May's statement to Parliament in which she laid out a path in which Brexit would be delayed.

The Prime Minister made three commitments:

1) There will be a further meaningful vote on her deal by 12th March.

2) If that deal doesn't pass, there would be a vote on 13th March on whether Parliament wants to leave with no deal.

3) If Parliament rejects that, there will be another vote on 14th March on whether there would seek a short extension to Article 50.

James O'Brien responded to Theresa May's statement
James O'Brien responded to Theresa May's statement. Picture: PA / LBC

Speaking straight after the House of Commons speech, James said: "Make no mistake, that was Theresa May finally, better late than never, throwing her lot in with the rational wing of her party as opposed to the irrational wing of her party.

"This could also be described as the Europhile - those that recognise reality - and the ERG, who continue to deny it.

"We're still not out of the woods, still not anywhere close to returning to the relative stability and sense that this country enjoyed prior to this ludicrous referendum.

"But an interesting new chapter is poised to be written."