James O'Brien Rounds Up The Meaningless Slogans Of Brexit

11 December 2018, 11:43

From 'Brexit means Brexit' to 'You lost, get over it', James O'Brien sums up the most meaningless Brexiteers' slogans.

Theresa May delayed the vote on her withdrawal deal yesterday, after admitting that it did not have the support it needed to get through the House of Commons.

That increased the possibility of a no-deal Brexit and made James think of all of the phrases used by Leave voters designed to halt the debate.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "Meaningless slogans that have led us to the brink of oblivion... Project Fear, You lost get over it, Brexit means Brexit.

"All designed to stop us from thinking. This is the unifying theme between all of these fatuous slogans.

James O'Brien rounds up the meaningless slogans of Brexit
James O'Brien rounds up the meaningless slogans of Brexit. Picture: LBC / PA

"Project Fear: don't think about it, don't look at any evidence or experts. The way you silence any experts or clever people.

"Then we'd voted to leave and this stuff is happening that you said wouldn't happen and it's really bad. They put their fingers in their ears and shouted 'You lost, get over it'. That's fatuous slogan number two.

"As the evidence begins to mount that we've done something very silly, Brexit means Brexit. What does that mean? It means absolutely nothing. That's fatuous slogan number three.

"Then it's 'the will of the people', which had quite a poetic ring to it, entirely meaningless. It's not the will of the people, it's the will of some people, who can't agree with each other about what they want.

"So all of them are gone, what have you got left?

"'No deal is better than a bad deal'. How's that going for you Theresa?"