James O'Brien shocked by caller's story of abuse cover-up in state care

25 February 2020, 14:03 | Updated: 25 February 2020, 14:07

James O'Brien heard the story of a caller who was pushed not to report his experience of abuse otherwise he'd "suffer more".

Following the findings of a report that Westminster turned a blind eye to child abuse allegations, James was taking calls on institutional cover-ups of child physical and sexual abuse and how the government are undermining the importance of the findings.

Arthur called in to share his story of abuse at the hands of state care. He shared his views on how the system operates along lines of allegations and how the reports of abused children fall on deaf ears.

"If there's anything worse than not being believed, it's being believed but then it being hushed up and nothing done about it".

The caller revealed to James that while he was under the care of the state as a child, he suffered physical abuse at the hands at the manager of the children's home who "lived off his reputation as a hard man".

After reporting the incident of physical abuse to the director of social services, Arthur was told if he "didn't want to make a formal complaint then they'd get me out in a few weeks", but if he did push a complaint then he'd have to live under the roof of his abuser for at least another six months.

A young Arthur decided that the best he could wish for was to get out of there as soon as possible and so no complaint was ever made.

Findings of the report claimed an institutional cover up of abuse
Findings of the report claimed an institutional cover up of abuse. Picture: PA

Arthur recalled the following days and weeks while he was waiting to be relocated. He remembered a "vile atmosphere" and even being verbally abused by the wife of his abuser.

A sympathetic James acknowledged the mental anguish Arthur must have suffered from the treatment he received while awaiting relocation. "You become a pollutant to their lives" he said.

Arthur from Loughton shared his belief that those he exposed the abuse to believed him, but knew that reporting the experience would do more harm than good for him.

"If you make a complaint you're gonna suffer more" Arthur said, backing up the findings of the report showing ignorance on the part of the authorities.