James O'Brien slams the state of the Labour party

18 December 2019, 11:20

James O'Brien slams the state of the Labour party, which is "riddled with division."

This is after Sir Keir Starmer, potential candidate for Labour leader, called to end party infighting.

James said the strangest events in the last few years "involved Labour voters being told by Labour voters to sit down... to wind their necks in or to somehow atone for the sins attached to the Iraq war. Even people who possibly weren't even born when it happened! Somehow being blamed for it if they showed so called centrist tendencies."

James posed the question that if he had just arrived here from the North Pole with no knowledge of the Labour party, could any one explain why it is so "riven with division?"

"I don't really know!" exclaimed James, and referenced a Tweet from Jess Phillips who expressed the desire for a Labour government rather than division.

James said however that if you lift the lid on a few receptacles, "you will be bombarded with the repetition of the last two or three years of abuse and negativity."

He continued that he never understood some Labour supporters telling fellow supporters to join the Tories; "it seems to be the very definition of appalling politics. And yet the calibre and status of some of the people, if not saying it out loud then nodding along with it, gave me pause."

The Labour leadership really were leading the party to "electoral oblivion," James said.

Telling Labour supporters to join the Tories is the "second stupidest thing" to say in politics, James decided, the first being Jeremy Corbyn saying, 'We won the argument' after suffering the worst electoral defeat since 1935.

"I played my mate at FIFA last night, he beat me 7-1 but I won the argument."