James O'Brien Takes Apart Dominic Raab's Comments One-By-One

22 March 2019, 15:25

Dominic Raab is one of the favourites to be the next Conservative Party leader. But James O'Brien went through his recent statements and it wasn't pretty.

It takes in an array of topics from saying he doesn't support the Human Rights Act and claiming people who go to food banks aren't in poverty to his confusion over the Dover-Calais border and admitting he'd not read the Good Friday Agreement.

After playing the clips, James asked: "Is it possible that he could be more wrong about everything?

"Even if he woke up every morning and said 'Today I am determined to be the most wrong person in all of Wrongland' Dominic Raab, just being Dominic Raab would be even more wrong."

James O'Brien looked through Dominic Raab's comments
James O'Brien looked through Dominic Raab's comments. Picture: LBC / PA

The clips speak for themselves. Watch it in full at the top of the page.