James O'Brien takes on caller who says teachers shouldn't monitor kids' food

4 December 2019, 16:18

"What's more important than children's health?" James O'Brien asked, leaving a caller speechless after they insisted teachers shouldn't stop children eating fast food.

The United Nations warned in October that "takeaways are turning deprived parts of Britain in to food swamps where children actively struggle to find any healthy option."

This week a fast food outlet owner complained to the police that pupils at Cotham school in Bristol were forbidden to enter certain eateries by their school or they would receive detentions.

The caller Ed said, "This is another example of teachers having to do additional roles - they're on their knees already."

James pointed out this intervention from schools is currently working and asked who should be taking responsibility.

When Ed said it was the parents' responsibility, James highlighted that parents aren't there but teachers are - in high visibility jackets and getting photographed in every newspaper.

The caller said the school should reprioritise.

"What do you think is more important than children's life expectancy?" asked James, changing his phrase to "health" after the caller laughed and did not answer.

He then insisted that a child's health was the concern of their doctor not teacher.

"Why do they do PE then?" asked James.

"To stay healthy," said Ed.