James O'Brien takes on caller who says we should "skim off" immigrants

19 February 2020, 12:42

This is the moment James O'Brien tied this caller in knots after they insisted we should "skim off" immigrants who aren't highly skilled.

David from Croydon said the government's new immigration plan is designed to delight people like him - the post-Brexit immigration plan will deny visas to "low-skilled workers."

"Too many foreigners here, right?" asked James and David qualified that there are too many people in general. He quoted James's often mentioned statistic that the figures show EU migrants are net contributors.

"Why don't we just skim off all the individual cases where they're not net contributors and get rid of them?" asked David, talking of immigrants.

James said, "You've already heard that answered by the people you're actually talking about. They don't want to come to a country like that."

David was lost for words and tried to clarify what he'd previously said causing James to accuse him of pretending not to understand what he'd said.

"We've spoken to all those people that you would 'keep' - they don't want to come to a country where rules are made by people like you. So who's going to do the jobs they currently do?" asked James and gave the example of a medical engineer who called in earlier to LBC and said she no longer felt welcome here.

"Somebody else from this country."